Core values

Core values


We are unique - to be bringing happiness

Core values 11 + 1

  1.   We inspire, enchant and maintain our customers with the quality of products, services and communication – with UNIQUENES
  2.   We are delighted with new ideas and solutions and we do not spare our praise
  3.   We give opportunities to talents - we engage them in projects
  4.   We are team players, competitive and mutually benevolent
  5.   We enjoy the satisfaction of our guests and we create an experience
  6.   We do not copy without consideration, yet constantly improve and simplify
  7.   We know our numbers, only then we can influence the result
  8.   We grow as a snowball, courageously - through personality, products, services and partnerships
  9.   We are a learning company so we can be the best
  10. We are a brand and we are proud of it, yet we remain humble
  11. Failure will strengthen us to find the best solution – despair is a waste of time

+1  We enrich our lives with a game, we desire and know how to win and celebrate