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Botanical Garden Prague

Botanical Garden of the City of Prague

The Botanical Garden of the City of Prague was founded in 1968. It was first set up in places around the Havránka natural monument, but this area was too small and therefore decided to place it in Troja, north of the ZOO, into the area between the reserves of the Podhorí and Velká skála.

In May 32003, the glasshouse of Fata Morgana was approwed. This greenhouse is not just a random collection of tropical plants. The original version was realistic imitation of real natural communities os selected areas. The interior of the greenhouse is divided into three distinct parts with diffrent tempreratures and humindity in which the visitor gradually acquaints himself with tropical and partly subtropical climatic zones. Plantings are structured according to significant phytogeographical areas and are arranged to inspire the idea of natural plant communities.

The garden also includes outdoor expositions - Ornamental Gardens and Japanese Gardens, Pivoňka meadow, North American Semi-Foothills and many others. There are also listed monuments of St. Clary, on which a new wine-growing and wine-growing educational trail is built. Since the 2009 harvest grapes have been processed directly on the local vineyard in a newly built cellar with modern technology. Thanks to the southern slope and rich sunshine, the grapes at the local vineyard are ripe in excellent quality. At present, the varieties of Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Sauvignon, Blue Portugal, Rulandské gray and Rulandské blue are available. Our speciality is the annual cuvée called White of Botanical, which is made every year from a different variety of varieties.


Botanical Garden Prague
Trojská 800/196
Prague 7 – Troja, 171 00

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