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Cross Club

Legendary Prague club

Alternative, futuristic, multimedial - the Prague Cross Club certainly can not be engraved, yet with the certainity it can be boast now. It's one of the iconic, slowly legendary cultural facilities of our capital. The main merit of this is its sophisticated design and unique program scheme.

The heart of the Cross Club is a music club featuring dozens of leading edge guitarists such as dubstep, word music, breakbeat, reggae, rockabilly or punk. Many of them, such as Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space or Chixdiggit, are among the stars of prominent alternative festivals. Thanks to this, the club has gained considerable prestige even abroad.

In the club cinema are running snapshots of films from filmmakers begin to take place, lesser-known theater actors, poets, writers and travellers are welcomed here. You can choose from a wide range of exhibitions, lectures, discussions, author's readings and children's theater.

It does not really matter which movies or music you prefer. František Sádra Chmelík and his team of co-workers earned his splendid interior decoration. An integral part of the Prague Cross Club (Plynární 7 - essentially under the supervision of the Absolutum Hotel) is also a cafe with a restaurant and fast food. So you do not have to worry that you will not catch the nourishing cultural heritage and do not find anything tasty.

Opened daily:

Cafe: 14:00 – 02:00
Club: 18:00 – ??:?? (at least 05:00, Fri, Sat 07:00)

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