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No child should be alone in the world - help us change that!  

There are children who grow up outside their own family. There are foster families who create a new home for them. Our mission is to support foster care in every way.  

Did you know that every year, approximately 2 000 children are removed from their families by the courts and almost 8 000 children grow up in children's homes and other institutions? In institutional care, however, they lack the essential feeling of safety and acceptance that can only be experienced in a family - with their mum, dad or other close person. By supporting foster families in every way, we are increasing the number of children who can grow up in a loving family environment. We recognize that foster parents need someone to care about their concerns, treat them with respect, and help them deal with the often difficult situations associated with raising and caring for adopted children.  

We currently work with 250 foster families. We provide counselling, therapeutic support, education, fostering support and childcare when the foster carer has to deal with urgent matters. We will use the money collected to provide these services.  

How do we help?

Rozum a Cit has been working with foster families for over 22 years while promoting and developing the idea of foster care in the country. We believe that every child has the right to grow up in a loving family environment. We accompany foster families in our services and place great emphasis on the complexity of our work with them.  

Our work is based on our knowledge of the specific situations of families and their needs. Together, we then look for appropriate options for intervention or support. Rozum a Cit also tries to create conditions for the development of the system of work with foster families in the Czech Republic through media education, publishing activities or commenting on systemic and legislative processes in this area

Join us in helping other children grow up in families. Be part of our project!  

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