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Private baths


Let yourself be carried away in a private zone with a whirlpool, where you can enjoy undisturbed relaxation and your own bath. In the whirlpool prepared just for you, you can choose your own essence or herbal salt. On individual seats, you can try different types of hydromassages and control them separately. Private whirpool bathtubs include a shower and a seating area. Refreshments can be ordered at any time by intercom, in addition to refreshing drinks, you can also enjoy adventure wines or tea selection.

Types of baths: 

- without essence
Regeneration-relaxing whirlpool bath with immediate effect in case of problems with musculoskeletal system.
Price: 36 EUR

- oil 
A traditional beauty bath of Cleopatra the Egyptian Queen. A mixture of honey, milk and oriental oils treats, soothes the skin and gives your skin the necessary vitamins and minerals. The intoxicating aroma of jasmine, roses and sandalwood is accompanied by exotic woody tones and orchids.

Price: 48 EUR


- oil      
The aroma full of citruses and exotic fruits will enchant you completely. The atmosphere is enhanced by massage pouches. You can enjoy a mutual massage with these herbal pouches filled with rose petals, jasmine, marigold, sea salt, pure natural essences, camellia and coconut oil. The herbs and oils contained in it moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Price: 48 EUR

- herbal saline
Thermal salt will heal your body, intense aroma of lavender calms your soul. After the bath, you will leave relaxed, with all your worries left far behind.

Price: 42 EUR


herbal saline
Rose cleanses and brightens the skin, has rejuvenating effects - prevents premature aging of the skin, revitalizes and tightens the skin. It is also suitable for irritated and sensitive skin, soothes, improves mood and evokes a feeling of calm and harmony. Used for insomnia, headaches and depression. Soft pink color is achieved by using beetroot powder and pomegranate extract.

Price: 42 EUR

- herbal saline
Our body and mind often responds to changing weather and seasons. In winter we prefer heavier spicy fragrances, in the summer we long for something fresh. Therefore, we have prepared a seasonal offer of aromatherapy baths from with plants that grow in the given season or oils that are typical for the specific time of the year.

Price: 42 EUR

- aromatic whirling
A bath full of sweet flowers like roses and geranium combined with fresh citruses. It evokes a deep relaxation and inner balance. The aroma is associated with heart chakra, harmonizes the aura, brings feeling of love for yourself and others. We recommend it especially for couples and romantic souls.

Price: 42 EUR

Price includes lending of a sheet and a towel.

For all baths from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, you will receive a 30-minute stay in the sauna as a gift from us.